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If you live in Jacksonville, St Augustine and surrounding areas a Jacksonville Dog Training Professional can make a difference in what you are able to accomplish with your dog. In home dog training is more family and dog specific compared to other forms of training. Mel Wilson is the dog trainer you're looking for, call 904-249-3090

“ In Home Training Tailor Made For Your Dog...”

Puppy Training

Puppy Obedience Training

The slogan “…teaching people from the dog’s point of view...” is one of the positive reinforcement training philosophies here at Canine Point of View. Mel Wilson trains all breeds and sizes of dogs to be better household members. When your dog understands what you expect from him (or her) they are happier and more fun to be with. However, the owners need to be taught how to speak to the dog so the dog understands what they are asking of him. Using the proper commands and repeating good behavior with positive reinforcement can result in great success with a dog’s training.

Positive Reinforcement Training

This is true of pets, children and adults as well. A dog’s desire is mostly to be loved and appreciated by it’s owners and family. Dogs love to please you – they really do. But sending confusing messages to the dog does not help them understand what you are requesting of them. Proper dog training at Canine Point of View can show you how to send the right messages and use the best commands from the “dog’s point of view”.

Dog Behavior Modification

You really can accomplish miracles with the right training. You can be one of those who has the best trained dog in your neighborhood. Whether your pet is a new puppy or an older member of the household who is having problem adjusting to something new, Jacksonville dog training can make a huge difference in a dog’s behavior. The key to success with any dog training program is all based on effective communication. There are three major elements to fast results for effective dog training: Time, Patience and Consistency.

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