“Training people from the dog’s point of view.”
“Voted Trainer of the Year 2013”

Canine Point of View



A Track Record of Success

My mission at Canine Point of View is to teach dog owners in the Jacksonville, Florida area to train their dogs. Combining your home’s real-life dynamics with my training and experience, I create a plan to get your dog to behave the way you need him or her to.

I’ve spent my whole life around dogs and will help you understand their behavior, mannerisms, gestures, and why your dog is behaving in a certain way. Once you understand the behavior and the triggers to look for, you can then be proactive rather than reactive.

What My Clients Have to Say

“We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your assistance in training our new rescue puppy, “Brittany.” We had been cat people for many years, but in recent months lost two of our three loving little fur balls. Deborah and I had discussed adopting a shelter dog once all cats had gone to the big litter box in the sky, but when our yellow tabby “RD” left us unexpectedly, we were heartbroken and decided to adopt a dog with one cat remaining.

We found Brittany in North Carolina through PetFinders.com, and she became part of the family at six months old. We immediately realized the challenge we faced given the stark difference between raising a puppy vs. cats. We humans would need to make a major adjustment. Wanting to get Brittany off on the right paw, we obtained the services of a trainer in North Carolina to help us with the basics. Upon returning to our home in Jacksonville, we wanted to continue with Brittany’s obedience development. We sought recommendations and searched the internet. Your company logo, “Canine Point of View…training people from the dog’s point of view” caught my attention. After our phone conversation we decided to enlist your services.

It was apparent from your first visit that you truly have a connection with dogs and, I would imagine, all animals. Your approach to understanding what we wanted to achieve and of Brittany’s capability was obvious. You developed a program that allowed us to progress with Brittany at a pace that truly allowed her to succeed, but more importantly allowed us to enjoy her progress and responsiveness to our commands. All pets in the proper environment can thrive and make their owners happy and proud. You gave us the tools, understanding and knowledge to have an enjoyable and lasting time with Brittany. Please feel free to list us as references for your prospective clients. We enjoyed your expertise and pleasant demeanor. Thank you again.”

– Bob and Deborah Stephens

“Mel was instrumental in teaching my husband and I how to train our rescue dog, "Sassy.” I thought that we would not be able to keep Sassy, because of her aggression towards our grandpuppy, "Brodie.” We keep Brodie everyday and could not let any harm come to him. When I took Sassy to the vet for a check-up, I mentioned our problem. The vet suggested I get a dog trainer and recommended Mel.

He started out with just Sassy and taught us that positive reinforcement is the correct way to teach a dog. It was amazing what we learned. Praising accomplished far more that scolding. With patience and doing what Mel had instructed, Sassy and Brodie are great buddies. Mel works with your dog, but "you" are the one that will be trained to train the dog. I never thought I would spend money for a dog trainer, but I can say that it was the best decision I ever made. Thanks Mel. Sassy and Brodie say thanks too.”

- Joy and Wayne Jordan

“We highly recommend Mel at Canine Point of View to any family with a new dog (Carter), or anyone with a dog. Mel sees/thinks of things from the dog’s point of view, which makes training more understandable and effective. Mel was very patient with our two young children (and mom and dad) as we welcomed Carter, an Australian Shepherd puppy, into our home. Because of our work with Mel, we have a well behaved, happy dog. When we take Carter places, we regularly receive comments on how well mannered he is. Our children have enjoyed Mel’s training sessions and are confident with basic commands with Carter of sit, stay and lay down.

At only 7-months-old, Carter can walk off leash with ease, which we attribute to the foundation laid by Mel during our sessions. This training is worth every penny and more. We have also left our dog with Mel when we have traveled out of town, and we have no worries whatsoever. When Carter comes home, he certainly is happy to see us, but he is also his usual happy self because he has had a great time at his “second home.”

The Zabijaka Family

“It has been my pleasure to have assessed, advised and worked with Mel Wilson in several dog obedience settings here in Jacksonville. Not only is he a true dog lover, but he is extremely interested in their wellbeing and not just in the group setting. He worked extremely well under my supervision in the classroom and was always ready to tackle even the most difficult issues. Every assignment that I gave Mel, he eagerly met it and succeeded with it. Most importantly, Mel continues to be engaged in research and in the study of Positive Reinforcement Training while volunteering at several local rescue groups. Jacksonville watch out! Positive Reinforcement Training is on its way in, and thankfully, with a trainer like Mel Wilson, you and your canine will succeed. Congratulations Mel…it has been a pleasure.”

– Stacy Strickland, Dog Obedience Instructor and Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the Jacksonville Humane Society