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Dog Trainer and Behavior Modification Profissional Jacksonville, Florida


Obedience Training – Starts at $575

This program is designed to teach you how to deliver the commands (verbal and hand gestures), and ensure compliance from your dog. These basic commands include the following:

  • Down (Lay Down)
  • Down/Stay
  • Leave It
  • Loose Leash Walking (Prevent Pulling)
  • Politely Greeting Guests/Door Behavior
  • Recall (Your Dog Comes to You When Called)
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Sit/Stay
  • Stay on a Spot

Depending on the situation, I will teach this six-hour program in either 90-minute or two-hour intervals. You may purchase this package in full for $495. If you hire me by the hour, the cost is $600.

Behavior Modification - $100/hour

This program is designed to modify or alter existing dog behaviors that you find unacceptable or even dangerous. This is often more challenging simply because I have to pinpoint the problem and either counter-condition or desensitize your dog to the existing issues. Some examples of unacceptable behavior include the following:

  • Aggression (There Are Many Forms)
  • Barking
  • Coprophagia (Consumption of Feces)
  • Destructive Tendencies
  • Digging
  • Fear
  • Guarding or Territorial Problems
  • Jumping on Guests
  • Prey Drive
  • Separation Anxiety

After my initial assessment, I will determine whether I can effectively help you or not. I am candid by nature and I tell people what I think. You wouldn’t call a plumber if you had a toothache. You would call a dentist. You contacted me because you needed professional advice about your dog. I owe it to you, myself, and your dog to share with you my candor and honesty, so you know what to expect.

If I feel that your dog or the situation exceeds my skill level, I will tell you and recommend someone who has more experience or specializes in your particular situation.

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